Awareness is not a choice.

Honesty is.

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A well-tendered garden is its own reward.

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Occasionally, you are reminded that all people carry things—the color of which you might never understand, but they weight of which you know by heart.

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Love is knowing a few doors that never open no matter how hard you knock.

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Those damn eyes fucked me forever. Charles Bukowski. (via wickedgaamees)

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Every teacher. At any level. Ever.

Alright, show me a woman that can execute such an erratic maneuver with such precision.

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The best art commands you to dance.
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When someone is interested in something or someone they make it obvious and direct.

Unless, of course, they are pathetic cowards for whom vulnerability and honesty are barriers, not methods.

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we are never ready to open our hearts, but some of us like a challenge

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